audio gear

Folks often ask about recommendations for specific gear to purchase so I’ll put a few of my favorite products here. If you use the links below to purchase, I’ll get a small commission from Amazon.

budget speakers

I am a big fan of Kali LP-6 monitors.

For the price, they are quite amazing and they make great near-fields. I used these for mixing Djesse Volume 3 and other projects as well. When folks ask me for recommendations on bluetooth speakers, I’ll ask if they want something small and portable or with good sound. If all they care about is sound – a pair of these is a similar price and sounds way better, just add a bluetooth receiver.

budget audio interface

Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett interfaces are great value if you need 1-4 microphone inputs. I often recommend the solo or 2i2 to folks looking to build a recording setup on a budget.

I recommend getting the 2i2 if you can swing it. It has two microphone inputs and the ability to record in stereo is a huge advantage.

budget closed headphones

AudioTechnica M50 are amazing closed headphones that are very inexpensive and great for recording or listening in environments where you don’t want bleed. They also have a bluetooth version that works well with phones lacking a headphone jack.

budget vocal mics

The AudioTechnica 4040 is a great budget mic that I like more than the Rode NT-1 (the NT-1 has pretty harsh mids and high end). The AKG C214 is also an amazing value, with the same capsule as the C414 but in a fixed cardioid pickup pattern. The Sennheiser MK4 is also great, if a bit colored. If possible, pick up

open back headphones

I am a huge fan of Sennheiser HD650 open back headphones. They are fantastic value and are used by many as reference headphones for mixing. They bleed quite a bit but this allows them to sound better than closed headphones can ever sound. Because they are open, they only work well in quiet environments. AKG 702 are amazing if you prefer less low-end and a more expansive sound-stage— they’re great for testing imaging.

small subwoofer

The performance of a subwoofer is very dependent on the size of the room. I am including the SVS PB-2000 sub because I use it for mixing, but just because it works in my setup doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well in your setup. That said, it’s a great value and a durable little unit that is reasonably fast. I use it as a “near-field” sub. It does not have authority to move a lot of air further away, but it sounds great and is dependable in my setup. I like that it is sealed as well.