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Since starting MIT in 2007, Ben has worked for Professor Tod Machover at the Media Lab, touring internationally to design and support technology for Opera of the Future productions. He specializes in the design and implementation of advanced surround sound and audio systems for large venues, but he has created technology ranging from electro-acoustic musical instruments to AI driven show control. Ben started running sound at age nine and has since worked on hundreds of performances and records in venues and studios all over the world. For his most recent work with Jacob Collier, he was praised by the Guardian as “the Tonto’s Expanding Headband to Collier’s Stevie Wonder.” He’s crossed paths with many artists, engineers and designers— from Björk to Ariana Grande, people seem to seek him out when there’s a challenge that hasn’t been seen before, requiring novel, creative and highly customized solutions. At the lab and beyond, Ben works with his close friends to build systems which push the limits of performance and expression. Their goal is create technology which brings the performers closer to the audience instead of diminishing them in the presence of large screens or sets.