People I Look Up To

Tod Machover | Professor of Music and Media @ MIT Media Lab, famous composer, my advisor and director of the Opera of the Future Group
John Harbison | For saying things that turn my head upside down. (And being totally awesome)
Peter Torpey | PhD Candidate, visual and media design genius.
Ash Nehru | Co-founder of UVA. Freaking talented designer and software engineer. Creator of d3.
Peter Gregson | Incredible cellist and composer. Hospital Club fellow.
Chris Full | Sound designer and epic audio wiseman.
Joana Seguro | Bad-ass producer of some of the largest and most prestigious electronic music events in Europe
Charles Holbrow | Golden-ears audio engineer who knows how to mix in 30 channel surround.
Felix, Pete & Colin @ Punchdrunk | Directors and Producers of the craziest (mind-blowing) theater production I’ve experienced.