BAM: Vocal Experiments

Recording, Sound Design

We had some fun combining techniques used on pop and R&B albums with spectral re-synthesis to try and emulate top 40 style production and synths, starting from only voices. The album got very good reviews from RARB and got sited for its “fine level of attention to technical detail while still sounding natural, fluid, and most importantly, musical.” [Alex Green]

Mike and I (and a lot of others: Steve Salinas, Luke Plummer, James Gammon) tried a variety of crazy approaches for this one. At one point Luke (a drummer) went out a bought a MIDI drumset to try sequencing vocal percussion using a more natural form of input. We went crazy sliding things by hundreds of samples to try and make the groove lock. There Goes My Baby has the vocal equivalent/knock-off of an 808 on it. Many of the tracks use spectral re-synthesis to help the bass, guitar and synth voice parts sound grungy and dirtier than they would with the traditional a cappella treatment.

Check out the who album on Spotify here! The group shot a couple of music videos too:

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