City Symphonies

Mixing, Performance Systems

A recent Opera of the Future experiment has been the creation of several symphonic works in collaboration with entire cities. This is often facilitated by an arts festival happening in the city. We’ve so far collaborated with the cities of Toronto, Edinburgh, and Perth. There are currently projects in progress for Lucerne, and now Detroit as well. Each piece involves several activities that are intended to bring the community together around music and composition. In our group, we’ve created a set of web apps that allow us to distribute content to the public, have them remix and re-imagine pieces and them submit them back to us. These fragments and remixes are then woven together by Tod to form the final piece.

In the hall, I created performance systems to connect all these pieces to the orchestra. In Toronto we designed a system (with content by Peter) to synchronize a light show on the CN Tower with the orchestra. In Perth we used a large 21 channel surround sound system to put the audience in the middle of the sound world of the piece.

Here is the full recording of the piece Tod wrote for the Edinburgh International Festival. For this one we had a D&B V-series PA in Usher Hall. The video above is from Toronto, you can see the CN Tower reacting.