Redstar Studio

Performance Systems

Redstar is capable of live multi-camera HD video production (7 cameras) with studio grade audio, including a Euphonix System 5 Fusion and an L’Acoustics PA system in the live room. The studio has editing facilities with 200TB of online storage, a full moving light rig, and teleprescence capability as well. Productions are streamed on the web in full HD.

I consulted with the Redstar guys and was responsible for a large portion of the design and implementation of the studio systems. We are constantly imagining new workflows and capabilities for the space and it’s very exciting to see the team and the facilities grow.

It’s also become a place where I can practice my broadcast audio chops. The Euphonix does a great job at providing the necessary routing and tools to make it really fun to mix a music performance live for air. Broadcast mixing is very interesting because the standards are considerably higher than traditional live sound. You find yourself in the mindset of a studio engineer, ridiculously picky about everything, but with very little time to actually refine or improve the mix. It’s a fun challenge to get everything to good place as quickly as possible. I suppose that’s the case with PA mixing as well, but in a room with big speakers, lots of reflections, a drum set, audience, etc…, things are much more forgiving than in a studio where every detail sticks out.

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