MIT Late-night Jazz

Mixing, Recording

You might be surprised to learn that MIT has a pretty amazing jazz scene. Recently I had the opportunity to record a friend’s vocal recital featuring some of Institute’s finest Jazz musicians. Here’s a recording of Sam Fomon singing Strange Meadowlark (Dave Brubeck) with Peter Godart on keys and Garrett Parrish on drums. The music department purchased a HAPI fitted with 16 pre’s and a really impressive selection of microphones, so there really wasn’t much that needed to be done to these recordings to make them sound really nice. Great players, great music, great mics, great gear.

It was the first time I had used DPA 4099 microphones on a piano. With the magnets, they are so easy to rig and killer sounding. Other notable choices were a Neumann KMS105 on vocals and DPA 4011 and 4006 for wides, overheads. We also got to try out some of the new Telefunken mics for trumpet and backup vocals. The music stand rigging came in handy for the trumpet.